Our Upcomming event, 
the TeamDoragon AIKO Wintercamp is getting closer.
Last year we had a lot of fun duing this event and this year should be just as good
The teachers we have this year are very knowledgeable and have a great understanding of Martial Arts

Our teachers are:

Shihan Dave Jonkers, leader of the AIKO
Hanshi Marc Howes, Kyokushin Budodai and Goshin Do
Shihan Todd Reeves, leader of Shin Atemi
Shihan Marcel vanderschaege, Jiujitsu and Goshin 
Shihan Terry Birket, kyokushin Karate 
Sensei Nicholas Cooke, Goshin Do
Sensei Marcel van den Berg, Ashihara Karate

Here you can find the registration Form.
Please fill it out and send it to info@teamdoragon.nl

KLIK There >>>> Registration AIKO Wintercamp 2020

Marcel van den Berg Sensei
Vanessa van den Berg Sensei

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