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These Standard Terms and Conditions for Event Participation apply to participation in events organised by (or in cooperation with) or the Doragondojo.

Article 1 – Definitions

Capitalised terms used in these Standard Event Terms have the following meanings:
  Applicant: each natural or legal person who has submitted an Application Form to be a Participant in an Event, regardless of whether this application has been accepted by the organisation;
  Event Cost: the amount of the payment owed by the Applicant to organisation and to be payable before  this taking part in an Event;
  Application Form: the online or other form by which a potential Participant applies to take part in an Event;
  Conditions of Participation: the conditions contained in the Participation Agreement, the Specific Event Terms (if applicable), these Standard Event Terms and the Rules & Regulations together;
  Controller: according to article 4 GDPR;
  Venue: the location where an event will be held or partially will be held
  Data subject: according to article 4 GDPR;
  Event: the event that will be held on a specific date
  Participant: every natural or legal person who has submitted an Application Form to be a Participant in an Event 
  Participation Agreement: the agreement between the Participant and organisation on the basis of which the Participant is entitled to take part as such in the Event;
  Parties: Organisation and the Participant;
  Personal data: according to article 4 GDPR;
  Privacy Legislation: European and national regulations governing the protection of Personal Data, including the GDPR;
  Processing / Processor: according to article 4 GDPR;
  The organisation: or Doragondojo
  Specific Event Terms: the Specific Terms applicable to an Event;

Article 2 – Application

  An application to participate in an Event should be made by completing the Application Form, which can be obtained directly  through the online application module. The completed and duly accepted Application Form must be submitted to the organizer by accepting the terms of agreement. If the Application Form is completed and signed by someone other than a legal representative of the Applicant, the correct name and contact details of a legal representative of the Applicant must be filled in on the Application Form.
  The Applicant warrants that the data supplied with his application are correct and that the legal representative listed on the Application Form is duly authorized to represent him.
  The organisation will enter the data obtained from Applicants in a database kept by it for this purpose. Applicant agrees with the Privacy Statement of the organisation.
  The organisation reserves the right to refuse an application at its own discretion. The organisation also reserves the right, as regards acceptance of applications, to grant priority to members of the associations or organisations acting as joint organisers.
  If the organisation refuses an application, it will refund any payments 
  The Participation Agreement is concluded after accepting the terms and agreements. Acceptance shall be confirmed by an acceptance email. 
  The Participant shall have the right to cancel the Participation Agreement, free of charge, until payment of the Application Fee is due as set out payment statement in the event. The Participation Agreement may be cancelled during the Cancellation Term by sending an email to the organisation at the email address specified in the Specific Event Terms. After the Cancellation Term, the Participant is subject to payment of the event fee minus the cancellation refund percentage.

Article 3 – Cancellation

  Requests by a Participant to cancel must be done by mail before the official payment date as described in the event terms, if none are supplied please contact the organisation
  The VAT owed on the fees referred to in this article will also be charged.

Article 4 – Admission prices and admission tickets

  The organisation may fix an admission price for the Event which applies to all visitors.

Article 5 – Event programme and participants

  The program regarding an event shall be sent around before the start of the event, or shall be placed as an article on the website of the organiser.
  Participants are asked to stay safe and in case of medical issues please contact the organisation.

Article 6 – Payment obligations

  The Participant owes the Participation Costs specified in the Specific Event Terms and any other amounts specified in the Specific Event Terms. All amounts owed will be increased by the VAT due on them.
  The Participation Costs, is payable directly after applying
  If the Participant considers that he does not owe all or part of an invoice, he should inform the organisation in writing or by email, giving reasons, why he or she should not pay
  The organisation is entitled to set off payments made by a Participant, first of all against any outstanding debts owed to the organisation.

Article 7 – Risk and liability

  Goods of a Participant, including their packaging, present in the venue or other locations being used are at the expense and risk of the Participant. The organisation does not concern itself with the security or insurance of the goods.
  The Participant is responsible for obtaining the requisite licences and permits for his participation in the Event and for Event-related activities, as well as for complying with the laws and regulations applicable to his activities.
  The organisation is not liable for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly by a Participant or by his visitors, unless in case of gross negligence or wilful intent on the part of the organisation.
  The Participant is liable for and must take out adequate insurance against any and all loss, damage or health issues of any nature whatever that is caused by acts or omissions of the Participant himself 
  The organisation shall not be obliged to intervene in any disputes to which it is not party of, and in disputes between people or teachers

Article 8 – Privacy

  Personal data will be exchanged between the organisation agreed under the Participation Agreement. The organisation is Controller when Processing Personal Data according to the applicable Privacy Legislation. Parties will conclude a separate Data Processing Agreement if a Party acts as a Processor with regard to a specific service.
  The organisation will process the Personal Data carefully and in accordance with the applicable Privacy Legislation. The Parties will, among other things, implement appropriate technical and organizational measures according to article 32 GDPR to secure the Personal Data.
  The organisation will under no circumstances and in no way provide this Personal Data to third parties, unless legally obliged.
  The organisation informs the Data Subject about its processing activities in its privacy statement that can be accessed via privacy-statement.
  Any data security breach which has occurred with regard to the Personal Data or is in any way aware of any request or investigation by a supervising authority, such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority or the Consumer and Market Authority, or any other reason that could lead to such an investigation with regard to the processing of Personal Data within the framework of the Participation Agreement.