Our upcoming event, 
the TeamDoragon AIKO Wintercamp is getting closer, so sign-up.
Last time we had a lot of fun during this event and this year should be just as good, maybe even better because it is our dojo's 25-year Anniversary. 

In 1997 Team Doragon started at Aerofitt on the 14th of August 1997 under the name Doragon Dojo. Now we are 25 years in to the future and so much has changed, students came in and grew from white belts to the level of black belts and even to the level of Sensei. We are so proud of what all has been achieved throughout the years and hope we can continue for another 25 years.

The teachers we have this year are very knowledgeable and have a great understanding of Martial Arts.
Our teachers are:

Hanshi Dave Jonkers, leader of the AIKO
Hanshi Marc Howes, Kyokushin Budokai and Goshin Do
Shihan Todd Reeves, leader of Shin Atemi
Shihan Marcel Vanderschaege, Jiujitsu and Goshin 
Sensei René Stigter, Ashihara Karate
Shihan Marcel van den Berg, Ashihara Karate

For the digital registration, please use this link
Click here for the digital form >>>> Digital Registration Form 8th AIKO Wintercamp 
Here you can find the paper registration form.
If teachers want to first gather all information upfront please use the paper forms, the participants need to have signed the document. Please fill it out and send it to info@teamdoragon.nl by either photograph or scan, or a digitally signed document.
Click here for the form>>>> Registration 8th AIKO Wintercamp 2022, the anniversary edition

Marcel van den Berg Shihan
Vanessa van den Berg Sensei

By Filling out the Digital or Paper Form you agree to 
# Registrations and payments for the camp must be in ASAP, but no later than August 31st, 2022!
# Payment regarding Dan-grades must be in before August 1st, 2022!
# Payment of camp fee if cancelled after 1st of September 2022 the entire camp fee will be charged!
# Trainings are at your own risk, you need to have the proper insurance in case of personal injury’s!
# All trainings are done by knowledgeable trainers, note that it’s a contact sports event, so there is risk of injury!
# You are responsible for your own belongings, please do not leave valuables and belongings unattended!
# management cannot be held responsible for theft of your belongings! 

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